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Tax Free

We are Sydney's only duty free ski and snowboard store. If you are heading overseas, make sure that you are able to purchase your goods tax free!


Tax Free in Store

The easiest way to purchase your goods tax free is to do so in store and fill out a customs declaration form. 

When you do this, we are able to sell you the goods without ever charging you the GST. To do this, make any purchase over $500 in store within 60 days of your travel date and make sure you have your travel documents with you and we are able to process the purchase tax free. 

Travel documents that you will need are:

  1. Ticket Number or eTicket Number
  2. Passport Number
  3. Flight Number
  4. Point of Departure
  5. Date of Deprture

Unfortunately at this stage we are only able to process tax free sales in store. 

Tourist Refund Scheme

Not able to come in store? Not quite at the $500 threshold?

Not a problem, make sure you are informed about the Tourist Refund Scheme. If you purchase your goods within 60 days of travel and your invoice total is over $300 you are able to claim the tax back on your purchase at the airport. 

To find out all the details jump onto the Tourist Refund Scheme website.