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Camber: The original Profile, Camber provides the most contact with the snow, creating precision, agility and speed through it's turns. This profile is ideal for riders with experience and want a board with stability at higher speeds and more aggression. 

Flat/Rocker: Designed for playfulness and a forgiving experience, Flat/Rocker is perfect for new riders. With less contact on the snow, this profile helps you get on your feet and down the hill with minimal effort, making progression easier and more fun. Powder boards and Park Boards are an exemption, specifically designed to reduce contact for their respective terrains.

Hybrid: What's a hybrid? Can't decide whether to go camber or Flat/Rocker? Just go for the best of both worlds! Hybrid Profiles give you a mixture of both to provide versatility so you can ride anywhere and everywhere.


All you need to know here is whether you would like a directional shaped board or a twin. 

Directional boards turn better. They generally have a longer and slightly wider nose than tail, which helps with turn initiation. The drawback here is that the board will generally not ride as well switch (or backwards). 

A twin shaped board is best for those who like riding switch or want to get better at it. Perfect for Park riding and over all freestyle riding.

2019 Burton Ripcord

$459.99 $329.99

Overview Blast past the learning curve with the easiest, most progression-friendly men’s board we make. The Burton Ripcord is designed to accelerate beginners and intermediates into more advanced riding situations. A directional shape makes...

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2020 Burton Flight Attendant

$749.99 $564.99

Overview Prepare for take-off with a board that makes waves for its abilities to carve and catch air. Designed to be a terrain-slaying alternative to more traditional twin shapes, the Burton Flight Attendant is a free spirit that dissects both pow...

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2020 Burton FT Moon Buggy - 158

$679.99 $509.99

Overview Wider, longer, surfier, heck, we might as well just say funner in all conditions. Float in a surf-like state over interstellar landscapes on this playfully plus-sized rig. The Moon Buggy takes a big-kahuna approach to playful pow riding. The...

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2020 Burton FT Story Board

$799.99 $599.99

Overview Whether you’re in deep or up in the air, spin tall tales on the ultimate freeride shape for women who seek to send it. When our designers saw women reaching for men’s models like the Flight Attendant, they decided it was high...

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2020 Capita Horrorscope

$599.95 $449.95

Overview That’s right, remember it, live it, own it. The Horrorscope 8000 allows you to do just that! The infinite possible reality generator on this bad boy is state-of-the-art, second-to-none, and cream-of-the-crop. It’s easy to use, just...

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2020 Jones Hovercraft

$829.95 $629.95

Overview The Hovercraft is a directional all-mountain board who’s nimble maneuverability has earned it a cult following. With a blunt nose, a short stiff tail, and a wide waist width, the Hovercraft is designed to be ridden shorter then your...

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2020 Nidecker Area

$679.99 $509.99

Overview "Ideal for carvers who want to have fun everywhere"The Area is one of our signature carving boards. Similar to the Concept, it delivers a stunning riding experience on slope and in the backcountry. However, it’s designed with a medium...

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2020 Nitro SMP

$649.95 $489.95

Overview DIRECTIONAL ALL-MOUNTAIN VERSATILITY Adventurists and day dreamers, take this board and create your own path down any marked or unmarked trail in search of the next greatest run. Designed to give you an alternative to more traditional Park...

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2020 Nitro Team Exposure Gullwing

$749.95 $564.95

Overview “GULL”-WINGS FOR LIFE COLLABORATION! Where the mountains meet the ocean, is where the snow falls – our latest collaboration together with RB Photography and the Wings For Life Foundation is a way to give back to spinal cord...

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2020 Rome Agent

$699.95 $524.95

Overview IT’S BAAAAAACK Brace yourself, ‘cause the Agent is back, and better than ever. This legacy board never really left, but it’s back with a vengeance and our game-changing Fusion Camber. For riders who want a versatile rip-stick...

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2020 Rome Mechanic

$479.95 $359.95

Overview THE RELIABILITY OF A FINELY TUNED MACHINE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING We all had to start somewhere, and we designed the Mechanic to make sure sitting in the lodge was not an option. Thanks to a forgiving flex, paired with a fat running length with...

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2020 Rome Powder Division

$799.95 $599.95

Overview RIDE FIRST CHAIR. SURF UNTRACKED BOWLS. TUCK INTO NARROW TREE LINES.  Reach into the quiver and pull one of these out on those deep days that call for something special. We’ve designed three profiles with floatation...

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2020 Rome Warden

$599.95 $449.95

Overview SHRED HILLS, NOT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT New for 2019, the Warden is our latest offering for riders who want the performance of Fusion Camber at friendlier price point. Built to lay down euro carves, poach tree runs and slash wind lips with style,...

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2020 Salomon First Call

$699.95 $524.95

Overview Wolfgang Nyvelt shaped each board size to deliver specific benefits for freestyle riding, tight creative turns, park, or on big jumps. A Tapered Twin with Rock Out Camber for pop and float in any condition. Product Features TERRAIN: All...

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