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There was a time when skis came in three styles – long, longer and really long. Thankfully, skiing is now in the midst of a technology renaissance, and ski manufacturers are offering more choice than ever. Plus, its cool again. So these days we’re spoilt for choice: Freeride or park? All-mountain or carving? Powder boat or piste basher? Dual-camber or single rocker?

All this can be a bit confusing.

So before you buy, ask yourself a few questions… 

How do you intend to use your new skis?

Will you be laying ‘em down on the early morning groomers or will you be mostly backwards and airborne? The beauty of so much choice is you can be very specific about what you need your skis to do; there’ll be the ideal style for whatever it is you’re into.

What type of skier are you?

Do you ski like you’re in training for the Hahnenkamm Downhill or do you like to turn occasionally? The aggression you bring to your skiing, be it on the groomed or off-piste, will play a part in narrowing your ski selection down from a broad category like “twin-tip” to a narrower one based on elements like stiffness and torsion. As a general rule, the faster, heavier and more aggressive you are, the stiffer you need your skis, so they will push back against the power you’re exerting.

Broad categories and specific styles aside, it’s personal preference that will lead you to favour one ski over another, very similar one. Each ski model is made differently, some have more spring in the tail, others are very weighted in the front, some whip through the end of the turn, others hold an edge for a long time.

What is important is being on the right ski for you. We carry what we feel are the best brands in the market, to find out for yourself come in and say hello, our team of specialists are ready to help you make the right choice.


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Having a boot that prevents the dreaded hell lift, and is comfortable to ride all day is the ultimate goal.

How to get your boot game right

  1. See a boot fitter in store. Sure, buy them from our online store, but there is no substitute for the sorcery of one of our staff – we fit ski boots for a living and among us are some serious geeks.
  2. When you try a new boot, it should be a bit difficult to put on. And when you get them on, it should feel snug to tight all around your foot and ankle.
  3. Your toes, when you are standing, should be just touching the front of the boot at the most – any further forward and you are entering a world of torture.
  4. Do you have any pressure points? Even faint ones? Those little pressure points will become big pressure points after 5 hours on the hill, get your boot fitter to sort them out before you leave the store.
  5. What about flex? Can you bend your knees in them? Make sure the flex range matches your ability level.
  6. How do they look? Do you feel sexy?
  7. Ski boots pack out and soften after a couple of wears, and it’s an unfortunate reality that they can be a little tight at the start. But it’s crucial that you get the right pair, because cold or sore feet is the number one cause of a bad time on the snow.


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