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Skis and snowboards perform pretty well out of the plastic these days, but they don’t stay that way for long. While a ski racer will wax and tune their equipment daily, for most a tune and wax before each trip to the mountains is enough. A good edge and wax will increase the performance and feel of your equipment, while also maintaining its condition. Tuning will ensure your ride runs true, flat, catch-free and predictably, while also making turn initiation easier and improving edge-hold. A fresh wax will make you go faster, and when you fly past your mates as they push along the flats, you will thanks us.

Our Edge and Wax package includes a grind on the Wintersteiger Trim Disc machine which gives a ceramic disc finish, leaving a perfect edge. Our technical staff will then hand hot wax your skis/board, scrape, then buff ’till its perfect. This part could be done by machine too, but with a bit of love, its just so much better. But that’s just our standard package, if you want to check out all the things we do in the workshop come in for some expert advice on what your skis or board needs to get it sliding at its best.




Our ultimate service. Get yout skis or board running as good (or better) than new. A major tune includes ‘base repairs’ this includes filling of holes or major scratches that machining out cannot achieve. In this case the ‘wound’ is cleaned out, resealed if the core is exposed. Then new base material is filled into the area using hi tech Ptex guns, imagine it as plastic welding where the original base material and new material bond together rather than just a patch being thrown on top. Afterwards the base gets a stone grind, restructured, edge tuned using our ceramic disc edger and hotwaxed and ready to fight another day. 



If you've been a little kinder on your gear you may only need a minor tune. A minor tune adds a basic base restructuring service to your Edge & Wax tune. Minor scratches and marks are machined out of the base before restructuring and waxing along with the edge tune. Restoring your planks to better than factory fresh.



Get your gear tidied up with an edge and wax to have it running faster and turning better. Skis and Snowboards have metal edges which need to be kept sharp at specific angles to ensure they hold and edge and help you enjoy your riding. Over time these edge angles will deteriorate due to wear and tear or running over hard objects like rocks etc. We can restore your edges back to tiptop shape or even machine a specific set of angles for you on our state of the art Wintersteiger ceramic disc machines and a hand finish.



Nothing is worse than when you get the go-slows. Ensure you are always sliding as fast as possible with a hot and wax. No one likes a sticky base. Ski and Snowboard bases are porous. Hot Waxing helps the base to accept and hold the wax that allows it to slide across the snow more efficiently. We then scrape the excess wax off and hand buff. Basically it makes you faster!



As the trend moves back towards flat mounted skis, we can mount pretty much any binding for you. We are not only fully equipped, but experienced in mounting almost any make of bindings to your skis. Whether it’s a new pair of skis and bindings or a remount, we can do it. All we need is your skis, bindings and a boot and we can have the skis mounted right and dinned up ready to go. The best part is - IF YOU BUY THE SKI OR THE BINDING FROM US THE MOUNT IS FREE!



If you have developed any special needs with your boots, we are fully equiped to stretch the shells of your boots to get them fitting just right. 



Things happen on the hill and sometimes your skis or board takes the brunt of the impact. Equipped with arguably the largest snow workshop in Sydney, with tools and machines mostpeople couldn’t pronounce. We are armed with the experience and determination to get your skis and boards back on the mountain. Whether it is a dinged edge, split tips, de-lamination, binding repairs. Our workshop guru's amaze us every year with the kinds of repairs they do. So if you have done some damage bring it in for us to assess and let you know what we can do. 

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This service is often neglected but can save you more work than necessary the following year. At the end of the season or when you won't be using your gear for a while, bring it in and we will coat it with an extra thick layer of wax, coating the edges to protect them from rust and leving the wax on the bases to stop them drying out over the off-season. Best thing is, bring it back next season and we'll scrape it back ready to go at no extra charge!