Skis and snowboards perform pretty well out of the plastic these days, but they don’t stay that way for long. While a ski racer will wax and tune their equipment daily, for most a tune and wax before each trip to the mountains is enough. A good edge and wax will increase the performance and feel of your equipment, while also maintaining its condition. Tuning will ensure your ride runs true, flat, catch-free and predictably, while also making turn initiation easier and improving edge-hold. A fresh wax will make you go faster, and when you fly past your mates as they push along the flats, you will thanks us.

Our Edge and Wax package includes a grind on the Wintersteiger Trim Disc machine which gives a ceramic disc finish, leaving a perfect edge. Our technical staff will then hand hot wax your skis/board, scrape, then buff ’till its perfect. This part could be done by machine too, but with a bit of love, its just so much better. But that’s just our standard package, if you want to check out all the things we do in the workshop come in for some expert advice on what your skis or board needs to get it sliding at its best.