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2022 Nitro Arial


Overview Progression's Best Friend The Arial´s catch-free Cam-Out Camber and Powercore offer a more responsive ride for the girls who are ready to ride every run on the mountain in search of...

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2022 Nitro Drop


Overview The Original Fun Shape Designed specifically to make each turn memorable with its fun & versatile shape, which offers reliable edge hold and forgiving catch-free contact points, to...

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2022 Nitro The Beast


Overview Eero, Sven, Marcus, and Torgier´s Brainchild The Beast was engineered and designed by and for the world's best freestyle snowboarders of this generation, the last generation, and the...

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2022 Nitro Drop Out


Overview The Directional Evolution Continues Engineered to make any terrain and condition playful, the Dropout is the mutant spawn of the trusted Squash and takes its attitude and fun ride to a...

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2021 Nitro Squash

$849.95 $679.99

The Nitro Squash snowboard does it all. It holds float in deep powder with its swallowtail and carves insanely well on the groomers. The Squash has been a huge success since it's inception into...

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2020 Nitro Team TLS - Charcoal

$529.95 $419.99

Overview Nitro team-tested and snowboarder-proven performance year after year, the Nitro Team is considered to be the most versatile snowboard boot on the market, by snowboarders in all shapes and...

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2020 Nitro Flora TLS - Rose

$299.95 $239.99

Overview The Mountain Is Your Playground Engineered to be the most affordable progression-friendly women’s snowboard boot on the mountain, and dedicated to keeping your feet warm and cozy...

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2020 Nitro Crown TLS - Bone

$429.95 $349.99

Overview Royally Comfortable This reigning queen of comfort snowboard boot was created specifically to help you push your limits no matter the conditions, while keeping your feet warm in a foot...

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2020 Nitro Rambler - Blood


Overview All-Terrain Comfort Designed to be kind to your wallet and to help you send it all over the mountain with a fit so comfortable comfort you won´t stop until the sun sets or the lights...

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