Must-Have Mountain Essentials

Must-Have Mountain Essentials

Must-Have Mountain Essenitals: Top 10 Gear Items for Your Next Weekend on the Mountain

You've got your gear sorted—snowboard or skis, boots, helmet, and goggles. But what about those essentials you only realise you need after hitting the slopes a few times? Here's a list of mountain essentials that can make all the difference:
  1. Wrist Guards

  2. Learning to ski or snowboard involves falls. Wrist guards provide crucial protection and can boost your confidence on the slopes.
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  3. Impact Shorts

    Protect your tailbone and hips with padded impact shorts, a must-have especially for snowboard beginners. Even pros use them for added comfort and safety.
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  4. Stomp Pad

    Essential for snowboarders, a stomp pad provides traction when only one foot is strapped in, preventing slips and slides.
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  5. Sunscreen and Lip Balm

    Protect your skin from UV rays that reflect off the snow. SPF is essential at higher altitudes to avoid those goggle tans.

  6. Portable Charger
    Keep your phone charged in the cold mountain air. A portable charger ensures you're connected and ready to capture memories.

  7. Neck Gaiter/Balaclava

    Stay warm and comfortable with a fleece-lined neck gaiter or balaclava. Essential for protecting your face and neck from chilly winds and snow.
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  8. Hand and Toe Warmers

    Keep extremities warm with quick-heating hand and toe warmers. Perfect for staying cozy all day long.
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  9. Ski Socks

    Invest in moisture-wicking ski socks designed for comfort and performance on the slopes.
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  10. Thermals

    Stay dry and warm with high-performance thermal layers. Essential for regulating body temperature in changing mountain conditions.
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  11. Ski and Snowboard Lock

    Secure your gear with a compact ski or snowboard lock for peace of mind during breaks.
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Prepare yourself for a comfortable and safe adventure on the mountain with these essential gear items. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned rider, having the right gear can elevate your experience and keep you enjoying the slopes all day long.