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Asian/Alternate Fit Goggles

Alternate Fit

It's a simple fix for a common problem! By adding extra foam across the nose bridge of the goggle, Alternate/Asian Fit goggles create a better seal around the user's face, especially for those with a flat nose bridge. A top of the range goggle will always fall short if there is gap above the user's nose, effecting anti-fog and letting snow and wind into the goggle.

So don't let this stop you from buying the best of the best in goggle tech and design! If you're fed up with goggles that don't fit your face, get the Alternate Fit and focus on your skiing and boarding!

Anon AF M2 MFI+Spare - Woody/Sonar Bronze


Overview Optically precise spherical performance featuring magnetic lens and facemask simplicity, and the superior clarity of SONAR lens technology by ZEISS. The men's Anon M2 Goggle features Magna-Tech® Quick Lens Change Technology, using 16...

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Anon AF Sync - Olive/Sonar Bronze


Overview Swapping out your lens and getting your facemask to stay in place has never been easier thanks to the magic of magnets. Seeing is believing on the mountain, and the men's Anon Sync Goggle makes it easy to see clearly in more conditions...

Anon AF Womens Sync - Bohemian/Sonar Bronze


Overview Make the most of your days on the mountain with this women's-specific shape outfitted with quick-change lens tech. Ride more. Fuss less. Hassle-free lens changes and an integrated facemask option make for distraction-free days in the women's...

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BRAVO AF ESSENTIAL BLACK-HAPPY GRAY GREEN w/RED SPECTRA+HAPPY YELLOW w/LUCID GREEN Overview With performance worthy of a standing ovation, the Bravo’s a midsized game-changer featuring SPY Lock Steady™ technology—the quickest,...

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