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We offer a huge range of accessories to keep you looking good and staying warm and protected on the hill. Its impossible to list out technical details on all the items we carry, but have a browse through and you will see we can have you kitted out with everything you need from Head to Toe. 


Young skiers and boarders are making a statement on the mountain, the biggest of which is the helmet. For the under 18s helmets are almost ubiquitous, the parental battle has long been won and kids, as kids do, have made the helmet cool. But for those without a mother to insist, the helmet represents the accessory of choice, in short, they are warm, dry and comfortable...why wouldn't you wear one. 

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Apart from being sure that they match the shape of your helmet, your new goggles should also feel comfortable on your face and have a versatile lens for different conditions. The best lenses have optically correct curvature (thankyou N.A.S.A) and are coated inside with anti-fog and outside with UV protection. The best way to get the right combination is to come in and try them all on until you find the perfect fit. If this isn't an option, keep in mind the idea that bigger is better...a big lens gives you more vision!


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Keeping your hands warm and dry ensures that you have a good day out on the hill. Gloves should fit well, feel good and allow you to use your hands just like you usually would. If you are after something really warm, look for something down filled or keep in mind that a mitten will be warmer than a glove. Also for superior waterproofing, look for any of the gloves or mitts with a Gore-Tex or Hipora waterproof membrane. 


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 Staying Warm and Dry

The happiest people we meet on chairlifts and in lift lines always seem to be the warm and dry ones, and although we plan our ski trips imagining a continuous string of blue bird powder days, the weather is often much less gentle. So remember to stay warm and dry this winter with our range of gloves, beanies, thermals and base layers, socks and apres boots.

Staying warm on the hill all comes down to fabrics. All of our Thermals and Socks are either a wool or polypropelene blends. These fabrics keep you warm with superior moisture wicking abilities. Believe it or not, socks can be very technical and can also help with the best fit for your ski or snowboard boots. Look for things like shin padding and extra elastic through the forefoot for an amazing fit and comfortable sock. 

While a good technical thermal and socks keeps you warm and dry out on the hill, good Apres Boots will keep you warm, dry and comfortable when you are done skiing. We carry a great range of Apres at different price points so don't get wet in your sneakers!


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